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Managing Director

As the Managing Director of Columbus Travel, my passion is at the heart of our mission: to create amazing, honest, and authentic experiences for unique travelers. I lead a team of dedicated professionals who share this vision. Our travel consultants personalize every itinerary, our customer service representatives ensure complete satisfaction, and our marketing and operations teams keep us at the forefront of the luxury travel industry. Together, we’re committed to making every journey to destinations like Ecuador, Galapagos, and Peru, truly unforgettable. We don’t just plan trips—we craft experiences, driven by a shared passion for authenticity and excellence.


Destination Expert


Ecuadorian born, but a true citizen of the world. I lived in the United States for 4 years, in Peru for 5 months, in Galapagos for 2 months. I have traveled extensively from a very young age. Bachelor´s Degree in Business Management and a former Tourist Guide in Ecuador. I have worked in the Tourist and Hospitality industry for over 14 years. I customize truly bespoke luxury travel experiences, from a family of 30 members who wished to rent their own luxury boat in the Galapagos with a personal chef and unique visits to a couple who wanted to celebrate their honeymoon in Machu Picchu with a ceremony in the citadel. Everything I do is designed to enhance your private experience by delving deeper into your passions and interests, each itinerary is by definition, “unique”.


Destination Expert


I love the feeling of discovering and learning. Travelling enables you to explore and acquire new sights and knowledge; and especially open your mind and senses to other cultures and customs. Every time I come back from a new place, I feel the urge to share my experiences and information, thus inviting others to also embark in the adventure. Now I can do exactly this, every day at work! I am here to help dreams come true in several unique sites, fully prepared with the right information and having experienced all by myself.


Destination Expert


My adventure in the travel and hospitality industry began over a decade ago. This passion has led me to various corners of the world, working in many settings, from hotels and restaurants to cruise ships. My tenure as a Cruise Director in the Galapagos Islands aboard opulent vessels was a definitive moment in my career. It honed my expertise and sparked a deep affection for promoting my country and this unique location. This position equipped me with invaluable insights and abilities, allowing me to showcase the splendor of my homeland and craft unforgettable experiences for my guests.


Destination Expert


Hailing from Ecuador’s humble yet incredibly biodiverse nation, I’ve had the privilege of turning my love for tourism into an opportunity to help many adventurers worldwide realize their travel dreams. I am fortunate to have assisted numerous travelers in creating unforgettable journeys in their lives. Inspired by my own travels and passion for exploration, I’ve developed deep expertise in guiding tours around the Galapagos Islands, a place I’ve visited innumerable times! The unique species, the abundant land and marine flora, and the awe-inspiring sunrises and sunsets never cease to mesmerize me. With great excitement, I invite you to explore this cherished paradise of mine. Rest assured; you’ll be guided by a seasoned professional who, just like you, harbors a profound love for travel and adventure!